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Creating your First Online Academy, Learning Portal, or LMS Domain

3 mins read

Congrats on creating your free BrainCert account! The next step is to create and launch your first Online Academy, Learning Portal, or LMS Domain in the Unified Training Platform dashboard.

As soon as your account is created and validated, you'll land on the Unified Training Platform dashboard. Click the 'Create Domain' button to get started.


Create a New Domain

You'll see a popup like the one below. Type your desired subdomain name that reflects your brand, company, or catchy word. Click 'Save' to register your domain.

Note: You can always change the domain name without losing data.

Domain Options

All available options can be found under the 'Options' column for the domain.

Click 'Preview' to start using your new domain.


Upgrading your Domain

The new domain starts with a free 14-day trial and you can upgrade anytime by clicking on the "Upgrade/downgrade" option.


The pricing page shows all the plans designed for 'very small businesses' and 'most businesses'. Upgrade to your desired plan of choice.

Unlock & Logout Admin Owner Account

If you get locked out due to the 'concurrent login' setting, it is easier to unlock and log out the domain owner from the unified training platform dashboard.


Deleting your Domain

You can delete your domain anytime which deletes all your content such as courses and uploaded documents, learner data, and reports. This action is not reversible. Deleting a domain is not a proper way to cancel your active subscription. All subscriptions are managed through our payment partner Stripe. Contact our friendly support team using the chat icon below for help with this.

Changing your Domain Name

Please note that you can always edit the domain and change the domain name. To change the domain name, log in to your LMS domain, and navigate to 'Global Settings' and 'Domain'.

Type your new name, and click 'Change domain name'.

Custom Domain & SSL Certificate

If your plan supports a custom hostname and SSL certificate, this can be done inside the domain after signing.

Follow this guide to set up your custom hostname and SSL certificate in less than 5 minutes -- all completely automated.

Creating Multiple Domains (Reseller Access)

By default, you can create only one domain. To create and manage multiple domains for your customers as a reseller, contact the BrainCert team.

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