This article helps to create, enable, disable and manage multiple domains in the training platform

Step 1:

Login to your 'Training Platform' with respective account credentials.

Domain Creation

Step 2:

Click on "Create Domain" to create new domain and manage.

Step 3:

Enter the domain name and click “Save”. Multiple domains can be created by following the same process.

Activating or Deactivating a Domain

Step 4:

Use the toggle switch under status to “Enable or Disable” the selected domain. Once a domain is disabled it will not be visible. To enable again the toggle switch can be used.

Step 5:

Click on “More” and select “Hostname & SSL certificate” to update the subdomain or external domain.

Subdomain Updation:

Step 6:

If required you can edit the subdomain and click “Save” to update the subdomain.

LMS External Domain

Step 7:

Click on “Add LMS external-domain”, update your external domain and click “Add External Domain Name”.

SSL Certificate Request

Step 8:

Click on “Request SSL Certificate” to make sure your external domain is secured.

Step 9:

Confirm the domain name, click “Next” to process your SSL certificate.

Step 10:

Click “Finish” to complete your SSL certificate updation. SSL certificate will be automatically deployed. Now you’re done.