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How to Create Chapters and Lectures for a Course in Curriculum

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After you create a course on BrainCert, you need to add course materials to it. Note that the course contents you add will be divided into chapters and lectures.

Think of a course as a container of all your reusable contents such as documents, presentations, videos, SCORM files, embedded contents such as YouTube videos and SlideShare presentations, live and recorded class sessions that are organized as 'Chapters' and 'Lectures' in an intuitive way.

Creating a Chapter

Step 1:

Begin by uploading 'Content' in your centralized content library that can be reused in multiple courses.

Step 2:

Open 'Manage Courses' and click on the 'Options' of the corresponding course to which you need to add chapters and lectures. Then, open 'Curriculum' from the menu.


Step 3:

You will be redirected to the page where you can add chapters and lectures to your courses.

Start by creating your first chapter. You can change the words 'Chapter' and 'Lecture' to your naming conventions such as 'Unit' or 'Module' by clicking on the "Language Settings" button.
Click on the 'Add Chapter' icon to create a new chapter.



Step 4: 

After entering the chapter name, click on the 'Add' button and you will now see the chapter bar as shown below.
You can edit the chapter title, add a new 'Lecture' under this chapter, add a chapter description, and delete the chapter.
Click on the '+' icon to 'Add Lecture'. 
Please note that deleting the chapter deletes all the lectures within the chapter and this action is not recoverable.

Creating a Lecture

Step 5:

Once you click on the 'Add lecture" icon you will be directed to this page. Type in the 'Lecture Name' and click the 'Add' button to save changes.
7.pngYou will see the lecture created under the chapter as shown below. Click on the Edit icon to change the lecture title anytime.


Setting the Lecture for "Free Preview"

Step 6:


For 'Paid' courses, you will see the 'Free Preview' option. This option is not available for 'Free' courses. Marking a lecture as a "Free Preview" lets potential students sample the course content without actually buying it.

Click on the 'Free Preview' option to enable students to preview the lecture content for free before buying the course. When you click on the button, it will turn green, indicating that the lecture is now set for 'Free Preview'.


Creating Lecture Completion Rules

Click on 'Lecture Completion Rule' under the lecture to set the rule.


Select the desired lecture completion rule and click 'Save'.

Drip Lecture Content

Step 7:

'Drip Content' is essentially the process of scheduling the delivery of content to your enrolled users, so that they don’t get all the content at once. Delivering the content in periodic intervals in a structured manner engages your students to focus on the current material and increases retention.

Click on 'Drip Content' and set the No. of days.

Adding Lecture Contents

Step 8:

Now that you have created a lecture, it is time to assign content. A lecture can have one or more contents. You can assign one of the 4 options available as shown below.

  • Add Content - Assign content from your content library (uploaded and embedded content).

  • Add Test - Assign a test from your test pool.

  • Add Live Class - Assign a live or upcoming class from your virtual classroom.

  • Add Class recording - Assign a recorded live class session.

  • Add Assignment - Assign assignments using this option.

Changing Chapters & Lectures in Order Using Drag & Drop

Step 9:

To rearrange chapters and lectures within a course, drag the chapter or lecture block and place it in the desired position.


Removing Chapter & Lecture and Numbering

Step 10:

Chapter & Lecture

Enabling the option to remove a chapter or lecture will disable the words 'Chapter & Lecture' in the course structure.

Toggle the switch to enable the option and you'll see the words 'Chapter' and 'Lecture' disabled in the row.


Enabling the option to Remove numbering will disable the numbers in the course structure.
Toggle the switch to enable the option and you'll see the numbers disabled in the row.

Hope you found this article helpful.
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