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Creating your First Virtual Classroom API Integration Key

5 mins read

Congrats on creating your BrainCert account!

In the Login/Register page, select the 'Virtual Classroom API' option, and enter the name, Email, and password. Now, click on the 'Terms and Conditions' checkbox, and submit.


Creating a New Virtual Classroom Domain

Click on the 'Create Domain' button to create your first API domain.


You'll see a popup like the one shown below. Type the domain where you'll be launching the virtual classroom.

Click 'Save' to register your domain.

You can always change the domain name without losing data. BrainCert provides a free 256-bit SSL certificate to secure your custom domain. We recommend selecting a subdomain like or

Do not use your main domain that starts with 'www' as your virtual classroom domain.


Generate API key

All the other options are available under the 'Options' column for the domain. Click the 'Generate API Key' option to get started.


Click the 'Generate' button below the domain name to generate your API key. Save this API key securely and treat it like a password. You can always rotate your API keys every three months to be secure.


Custom Domain & SSL Certificate

Click on the 'Hostname & SSL certificate' option under your domain to set up a custom hostname and SSL certificate. BrainCert provides a free 256-bit SSL cert for all API customers and a custom API endpoint such as https://{domain}/v2 so you can make API calls and launch classes under your own brand and control.


Creating Multiple VC API Domains (Reseller access)

By default, you can create only one domain. To create and manage multiple domains for your customers as a reseller, contact the BrainCert team.

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