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Steps to Set up your Site Builder

4 mins read

Site Builder has been updated with new features aimed at making the user experience more intuitive and efficient, while still providing a high level of customization. With this wonderful update, users can customize the experience even more!

Let's explore the features one by one!

Step 1: 

Log in to the Unified Training Platform and Click on 'Sales & Marketing'. Select 'Website' from the dropdown list and open 'Landing Pages'.


Step 2: 

Click on the 'Create New Landing Page' to create a new page or click on 'More' and select 'Edit' from the drop-down box to edit the existing page.


Step 3:

Find the customizing options on the Top Right Corner of the screen. Insert/change the background image by clicking on the 'Content' and under 'Image' click on 'Set Image' to set/change the background. 

download (8).png

Step 4:

To upload a file, click on 'Set Image' and choose 'Upload New File'. Then, click on 'Choose files' and select an image that is less than 1 MB. Finally, click on 'Add selected'. 
Add image.png

Step 5:

To find royalty-free images, click on the 'OpenVerse Search' icon type the title of the image needed under the 'Search' button, and select an image from it.

Step 6:

The selected image can be adjusted using the options seen above the image.  

Step 7:

To change the size of the text, click on the text that has to be changed. The size of the text can be changed under 'Content', then click on the dropdown box next to 'Size' and choose the preferred 'Heading'. 


Step 8:

To make the text visible according to the width of the screen, select the text, and click on 'Advanced'.  Enable the settings to make the text/content visible based on the device.

Step 9:

To animate the text, select the text and find 'Animate on scroll' under 'Advanced'.
Now, click on the drop-down box parallel to 'Animation type', select the type of animation, and click on 'Play animation' to view it. 

Step 10:

A new Code Editing feature has been added. Click on the icon (Code Editor) as shown in the image to view/edit the code.
Code Edi.png

Step 11:

Add components by clicking on the image/text. Then, click on the '(+)' icon as shown in the image and select any required component. 

Step 12:

To use a different font for the text, select the text and choose the desired font from the 'Font family'.

​For the best customer experience, ensure that the landing page content reflects the brand identity.

Hope this article is useful!

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