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Tracking Learner Progress in Test Reports

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With the test Report feature in BrainCert, instructors can access complete information to track learner progress. Instructors with admin access can also get information about their tests including the number of learners who have attended, the number of learners who have completed the test, the last date they accessed the test, and other relevant information.

This article outlines how instructors can access course reports and track learner progress.

Step 1:

Log in to your BrainCert account, navigate to 'Reports and Analytics', and open 'Tests'.

Step 2:

Once you click Reports, you will be redirected to the course 'Report' page.

i. By default, the Course Report page will show you complete information on All user groups.


ii. To generate reports based on groups, click on the 'All user groups', and choose the group from the dropdown menu.


For instructors who wish to generate custom reports, we also have a “Custom Report” feature on BrainCert.

Still, have doubts? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

Open the link to learn the 'Steps to Generate Custom Test Report'. 
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