The catalogue is a very useful feature for SEO purposes to list all your courses, tests and live classes in a public marketplace setup allowing search engines like Google to index it. Guests can view the courses offered before signing up. Your customer can also purchase paid courses and create an account at the same time. In addition to the public catalogue, you can also enable catalogue available for logged in users.

Enabling Catalog for guests:

Step 1:

Go to "Account & Settings" --> "Login page settings", and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Enable the catalog that you want to present to guests and save your settings.

Step 2:

Now, when you create a course, test or live class you'll see "List in catalog" option is available. This makes it easy to assign individual items to the catalog.

Enabling Catalog for logged in users:

You can also enable the catalog menu available for logged in users. This is extremely useful to allow students to the browser what you offer and buy selected items.

Step 1:

To enable this option, go to "Account & Settings" --> "Basic settings" and scroll all the way down to catalog settings option.

Step 2:

Check the menu items you want to enable and save your settings.

Step 3:

To change the menu font color, go to "Account & Settings" --> "Look & Feel" and edit the menu text color.

Now, you can enable course, test and live class catalogue for guest and registered users.