This article will guide yo through the steps to organize documents in folders in the content library.

Step 1

Login to the Unified Training Platform and navigate to Content Library as shown in the image.

Step 2

Select Create a Folder & create a folder.

Step 3

Once you have created the required number of folders move on to adding content to the library, navigate to Add Training Material and Upload Content.

Select Select Files and choose the files that you need to upload. You can choose to upload files from your computer or from cloud.

Step 4

After you've selected all the files you need to upload, select Upload.

Step 5

Once you select Upload, you will be redirected to a page where you need to give a file name to the uploaded content, select permissions, and select the folder where you need the uploaded content to be and click save. In this example we are uploading the content to the folder named Trial-01.

Step 6

To view contents in a particular folder, navigate to the Content Library, select Filter by Folder and select the required folder. In this example we have selected the folder Content Marketing.

Once you select a folder you will be redirected to a page with the list of uploaded content in that folder.

Step 7

To move a file from one folder to another, select the Move to folder option corresponding the content you have to relocate.

Step 8

Once you select the Move to folder option, you'll get a popup with the list of available folders. Choose the folder to which you need to move the content to and click save. You can also create a new folder by clicking the +New Folder option on the popup. In this example we are moving the content to the folder, SMM Tutorials.

We hope you found this article helpful.