This article walks you through the steps to use the integrated content library in the Virtual Classroom to upload documents and video files.

Step 1:

After uploading your docs, audio, and video files into your Content Library - Once in the session, click on the document tool option to see a window pop-up with multiple options to load content into the classroom. Select the first option - choose from your library

Step 2:

Once you click on choose from your library, you will get instantaneous access to all your pre-uploaded content - You can either choose the files from the list or try using the filter option to find and upload the relevant file.

Step 3:

Note that the uploaded file would take the shape of a new whiteboard tab as seen below

Step 4:

To play video content on the whiteboard - Click on the video tool option to access the media player feature

Step 5:

You can choose to play video from

  1. YouTube/Vimeo
  2. From content library

1) To play a video from YoutTube/Vimeo paste the video URL on the corresponding field.

2) To play videos from the content library click Browse and select the required file from your content library.