Steps to Reset Your BrainCert Account Password


By Rini Shanya

updated about 1 month ago

If you have forgotten your BainCert account or are unable to access your account with your current password, you can regain access by resetting your password.

Follow these steps to reset your password.

Step 1

Go to BrainCert Website & click on the login option on the top right side of the homepage.

Step 2:

Click on the “Forgot” option inside the password field on the right side of the page.

Step 3:

Once you click the “Forgot” option inside the password field, you will be redirected to a page where you will have to enter the email address you had used while creating your BrainCert account and do a captcha verification before you click Submit.

Step 4:

Once you click Submit, check the inbox of the email id with which you had registered on BrainCert. You would have received a password reset email with a verification code which you need to enter to reset your password. Copy the verification code and click on the link in the email.

NB: If you can’t find the password reset email in your Inbox, ensure that you check the Spam folder too.

Step 5:

Enter your username (email Id with which you registered on BrainCert) and the verification code you received on your email in the respective fields. Click submit.

Step 6:

Enter the new password & confirm the new password in the respective fields before clicking Submit.

Once you have entered the passwords on the respective fields and click Submit to start using the new password. If your password has been successfully reset, you will get a confirmation message as shown below.

If you still have trouble resetting your password, email [email protected] to get the password reset.

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