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Exploring Certificate Features: A Step by Step Guide to Personalize Certificates

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Certificates in learning serve as definite recognition, validating the completion of a course or program and providing learners with documented proof of their acquired skills and knowledge.

BrainCert offers an intuitive drag-and-drop certificate designer tool to customize and award course completion certificates online easily.

Certificate Selection

Step 1:

On your 'Manage Course' page, click on the options corresponding to the course to which you need to add certificates and choose 'Certificate' from the list.

Step 2:

This brings up the certificate selection page. Select the desired certificate template.

Step 3:

You can also upload your certificate template from your computer by clicking the 'Choose File' option.
Make sure to toggle the 'Learners can download this certificate' option to allow students to download their certificate.

A Closer Look at Editing Features

1. Certificate Canvas

  • Our newly designed certificate canvas is completely responsive and loaded with powerful features.
  • With customizable fonts and custom tags, you can offer a one-of-a-kind and amazing certificate that your student would be happy to receive in just a few clicks.

2. Create a Professional Certificate

Pick one of our certificate templates or upload your own certificate background image and customize it with just a few clicks.

3. Editor Like Tools

  • Give your students the recognition they deserve.
  • Pick a bold font and use our editor-like tools to align the text, and change size and color.
  • Upload your logo or signature and use your brand color scheme and fonts.

4. Custom Tags and Registration Data

  • The most amazing feature of the certificate designer tool is the ability to import custom registration fields captured during the self-registration process.
  • Custom tags on the other hand allow you to generate dynamic content for each recipient on your list such as automatically substituting a student's name, course or test name, and completion date.

5. Auto-Fill Data

  • Click on the certificate thumbnail from the selection page as shown above to enter the certificate design area. Every certificate can be individually customized based on the certificate template selected.
BrainCert generates the student's name, course name, and completion date in the certificate automatically using tags. 

Student names and course names need not be typed manually; they will be processed automatically using the tags { }.
  • Some of the supported tags are {StudentName}, {CourseName}, and {Completion Date}.

You can also upload your company's logo or signature image. BrainCert allows you to customize the text in the certificate similar to the example given below:


You can drag and move the text and image blocks inside the certificate template to change the position. You can also preview the actual certificate output by clicking the 'Live Preview' button and generating a high-quality PDF certificate.


6. Custom Certificate Number

  • Create an auto-generated unique certificate number based on the prefix, suffix, and minimum digits. Insert the certificate number anywhere on the certificate canvas using the {certificate_number} custom tag.
  • Generating a unique certificate number is an easy way to verify the certification.
  • The certificate number is also included in both course and test reports and can be used to generate custom reports as well.

7. Drag-and-Drop Designer

  • This game-changing certificate designer tool can make your life so much easier when it comes to delivering professional certificates online.

  • Unlike most LMS platforms that limit what can be done with certificates, BrainCert gives beginners and pros the flexibility to create an online certificate just like the paper ones.

  • Simply drag an object anywhere on the canvas and 'Save' it.


8. Download Certificates in Print Quality

  • Allow your students to download the course and test certificates as a high-quality PDF file.

  • Our certificate templates are formatted for standard A1-A5 papers, making the design-to-print process seamless.

  • The certificate can be automatically mailed after completion of the courses and tests or the student can download it from their dashboard anytime.

Create certificates effortlessly according to your preference.
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