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A Guide to Drip Feed Course Contents

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Drip feeding is one of the many interesting features offered by BrainCert. Drip feeding is essentially the process of scheduling the delivery of content to your enrolled users so that they don’t get all the content at once. By delivering the content in periodic intervals in a structured manner, you can keep your students focused on the current course material and increase retention.

Here is how you drip feed course contents on BrainCert. 

Step 1:

Open --> Courses --> Manage Courses --> Options --> Curriculum.

In the 'Curriculum' page, click on 'Drip Content' to bring up the drip content popup.

Drip Content.png

Step 2:

Select the days from the dropdown after which you want that lecture content to be shown to enrolled students. The default option "0 days" means the content will drip immediately.

Finally, click on the 'Save' button.
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