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Giving dashboard access to users on BrainCert

2 mins read

​This article will guide you through the steps to give dashboard access to users on BrainCert. For the sake of understanding, let us take giving access to instructors to view the super admin dashboard as an example.

Step 1:

Login to your BrainCert Super Admin account and navigate to Roles under Global Settings.


Step 2:

Note: Dashboard access can only be given to the group of users who have been assigned to a particular Role. If you have not grouped your users, you first need to group them before you can assign roles to them. Click here to know how to create user groups.

Under Roles you can see the list of existing roles. Select Add Roles.r2.png

Step 3:

Once you select Add Roles you will be redirected to the role creation page.


  • Enter the name & description of the role you wish to create and navigate to the Dashboard Access tile. Select the dashboards you want this newly created role to have access to. Since we had taken giving access to super admin dashboard to instructors as an example, we have selected the Super Admin selection box and have also selected Show from the dropdown. Once you have completed these steps scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

  • Once you click save navigate back to the Roles page where you will be able to see the newly created role as shown below.

Step 4:

Navigate back to Roles and select Add Groups corresponding to the role to which you want to add groups.

Once you select Add Group, you will get a popup with the list of available groups. Choose the group which you want to be assigned to the selected role and click Save. In this example, we have selected  Instructors.


Once you click save, users in the group will now have access to view the selected dashboard (Super admin dashboard in this example).

We hope you found this article helpful.

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