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Assigning Courses to 'Categories' and Switching to the Advanced Course Catalog with Filters

3 mins read

As per popular request, we've now introduced the ability to divide and organize courses into categories. The course category groups courses into logical groups and makes it easy to filter courses in the catalog.

Creating a Course Category

Step 1:

To create a course category, Click on the 'Categories' under 'Courses' and click on 'Add Category'.

Step 2:

Next, insert the 'Category Name' & 'Category Description' and 'Save' it.

Step 3:

When creating new courses (or editing existing courses), you'll see the option to assign a 'Course Category'.

Switching to the Advanced Course Catalog

To switch to the new course catalog with filters to sort courses by category, go to 'Global Settings' --> 'Catalog Settings'. Scroll all the way down, select 'Advanced catalog with filter options', and 'Save' it.

Now, when you navigate to the course catalog, you'll be able to see the newly created course catalog.

You can switch between the two catalog display styles anytime.
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