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Accessing and Making Use of Calendar Feature

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When you enable the calendar extension, a simple drag-and-drop option can be used to schedule classes. Here are the steps to get started.

Step 1:

Log into the BrainCert marketing account. Click on 'Extensions' in the 'Global Settings' menu. 


Step 2:

Toggle the option and click on the 'Save' icon to complete the process.


Step 3: 

Now, navigate to 'Community' and select 'Calendar' from the dropdown menu. Open the 'Add Event' icon. 

Step 4:

In the Add Event section, enter the details of the class, such as the date and time, and other details, and click the 'Add Event' button to save the changes. Now, the calendar gets updated with your class.


Step 5:

After adding the event, when you click on the 'Calendar' option, you will be able to view the scheduled classes. A simple drag-and-drop method is available for scheduling posts.
Hope this guide has helped you better understand the calendar feature and how it works.
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