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How to Create Scenario Based Question

2 mins read
Scenario-based questions gives an idea of how you would respond to a hypothetical future situation. Here are the steps to create a scenario-based question.

Step 1:

Navigate to 'Assessments' under 'Products'.

Click on the 'Options' of the test to which questions are to be added, and then click on 'Questions'. 

Step 2:

Click on 'Add Test Questions' to insert scenario-based questions.2.png

Step 3:

You can find the 'Scenario Question' from the  dropdown by clicking on the 'Question Type'.3.png

Step 4:

There is a wide range of advanced scenario types available in BrainCert, such as multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, multiple answers, and true/false. From the dropdown list, select the question type you need.


Step 5:

A new scenario question can be instantly added by clicking on the blue 'Add New Scenario Question' button.

A list of other important features and options

  • Reference (URL) - Give the test taker a link to read more.
  • Question Status - Leave the default option "Published" to make it live, or mark it as "Not Published" to publish later.
  • Include in Demo - All users are shown questions in Demo status when taking this test. Before a user purchases the full version of the test, you can show them some sample questions.

If you wish to save this question and create a new one after adding the question and question type, click 'Save & Add New'. Alternatively, you can click 'Save & Exit' to save and exit the question.6.pngHope you found this article useful.

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