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Tracking Emails Sent with Email Analytics Feature

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With BrainCert's all-new email analytics feature, you can quickly review your email’s performance across all BrainCert platforms. This unique feature is integrated with all the essential places where you'll send emails to students, including courses, tests, live class enrollment pages, and notification templates.

You can track your email performance by keeping an eye on your stats with metrics like unique opens, clicks, and delivery rates. Then go a little deeper and gain insights into your delivery metrics with event-level reporting on why your message was unable to reach inboxes.


You don’t have to be an analytics expert to measure the impact of your course enrollment or email marketing efforts and the role this channel is playing in your overall student onboarding strategy.

Take some time exploring your email reports, choose one area you want to improve in check-in after each email and track your results as you go.

Please note that this feature is enabled only when you use BrainCert's mail servers in the LMS platform and is not available when you use your own custom SMTP mail server. The E-mail analytics feature is activated by default for all other platforms such as Virtual Classroom API and Meeting Rooms that come with BrainCert mail servers.

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