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Creating Global Discounts

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Discounts can be an effective tool for converting and retaining customers. Here are the steps below to make discounts globally and also for a specific course.

Step 1:

BrainCert introduces Global Discounts under the Marketing menu. Navigate to Global Discounts and click on "Create Discount Coupons".

Step 2:

Here are the Global discount and Specific Offer radio buttons.
By Clicking on Global Discount, fill in the discount type and date range. By clicking on Never expires you can make the discount everlasting. Select Submit button to finish the process

Step 3:

By clicking on Specific Offer, enter the several courses to which the discounts are to be added and fill in the data type and date range. Make a click on Submit button.

Step 4:

Create your own discount code and specify its usage limit by turning on the "Use Discount Code" check box. It can be done for both "Global Discount" and "Specific Offer". And to finish the process Submit it 

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