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Create Interactive SCORM Content with the Lumi Authoring Tool

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In the pursuit of delivering unparalleled digital learning experiences, BrainCert proudly recommends the Lumi authoring tool for creating SCORM-compatible H5P content. This powerful, free tool enables educators and trainers to design highly interactive and engaging course materials, further enriching the BrainCert learning environment. By integrating SCORM content created with Lumi into your BrainCert courses, you can elevate the educational experience, making it more immersive and effective for learners.

Why Lumi as BrainCert's Recommended Authoring Tool?

  • Free: Lumi Cloud is available at no cost, providing a budget-friendly solution for creating premium interactive content.
  • Interactive Content Creation: With Lumi, you have access to over 60 interactive content types, allowing for the creation of dynamic learning materials that engage students in various ways, from interactive videos to quizzes and interactive presentations.
  • Content Ownership and Offline Editing: Your content remains your own. Lumi ensures that you can download, edit offline, and fully control your creations. This feature is particularly useful for educators who wish to modify content without constant internet access.
  • Compatibility: Lumi-created content is universally compatible, ensuring that your materials look great on all devices and browsers. This ensures a seamless learning experience for your students, regardless of their chosen learning platform.
  • Ease of Sharing: Even without a Learning Management System, Lumi makes it simple to share your content. Distribute your interactive lessons via link, QR code, or embed them directly on your website.
  • Content Publishing: Lumi also offers a platform for publishing your content, making it accessible to a wider audience. This feature is perfect for educators looking to expand their reach and impact.
  • SCORM Compatibility: Importing your SCORM packages into BrainCert is straightforward, with support for SCORM 1.2 and 2004 4th edition content packages. This ensures a smooth integration of your interactive content into BrainCert's comprehensive LMS.

Creating and Importing SCORM Content with Lumi

  1. Create with Lumi: Start by exploring the wide range of templates and interactive content types on Lumi. Customize your lessons to fit your curriculum and educational goals.

  2. Export as SCORM: Once your content is ready, export it as a SCORM package, making it ready for upload to BrainCert. 
    • Edit your H5P content and upon completion, select the 'Export' option.

    • Select the 'SCORM package' option and click 'Export Now' button.

    • Allow some time for the content to be processed. After it's done, the zip file will be available for download.

  3. Import to BrainCert: Log into your BrainCert dashboard, navigate to your content library, and upload your SCORM package. 

  4. Select the uploaded SCORM file to preview the content. 

  5. After creating interactive H5P content as a SCORM package and importing it into BrainCert, go to your course and use the curriculum builder to add this content as a lecture item.

  6. Your SCORM content is now available for student engagement within your courses.


Lumi stands out as an exceptional free tool for educators and trainers using BrainCert, combining ease of use with powerful interactive content creation capabilities. By leveraging Lumi authoring tool to enrich your courses, you ensure that your educational offerings are not only engaging but also tailored to the needs of today's learners. Start creating with Lumi today and bring your BrainCert courses to life.

Discover More: To dive deeper into creating interactive content with Lumi, visit Lumi's website and choose between Lumi Desktop and Lumi Cloud. For further information on leveraging SCORM content within BrainCert, explore our support resources or contact our team for assistance.

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