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Setting Up Product Order Notifications

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Product order notifications benefit learners by providing immediate confirmation, transparent order status updates, tracking information, reassurance, a reference for details, and a means for quick problem resolution.

This article guides you to set product order notifications.

Step 1:

Find 'Online Store' under 'Products' and click on 'Email Notification'.


Step 2:

You have a list of email options under 'Customer email'.

Click on the option of 'Customer Support' and add the learner's mail ID using 'Edit'.


Step 3:

Click on the 'Edit' option to add the subject line for each email.  
  • Shipping email - Notifies that the order has been successfully shipped.
  • Digital fulfillment email - Notifies the learner after a digital purchase, containing details or access information for the acquired digital product or service.
  • Cancellation email - Notifies that the order has been canceled.
  • Pickup email - Notifies you that your product has been picked.

You can preview the message once you have saved it using the 'Preview' option.
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