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Getting Started with Gamification Settings

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This article guides on configuring and utilizing gamification settings.

Step 1:

To customize the Gamification settings, click on 'Global Settings' and open 'Gamification'.

Step 2:

Toggle the switches to enable or disable each category.

  • Activate Gamification for all learners: Toggle 'Activate Gamification for all learners' to enable gamification features for every user.
  • Enable rewards for all learners: Turn on the 'Enable rewards for all learners' feature to let learners use their points for discounts on new courses, tests, and live virtual classes, providing an incentive for active participation.
  • Enable leaderboard for all learners: Activate 'Enable Leaderboard for all learners' to display a ranking chart for all learners in the LMS system, promoting healthy competition and engagement.

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