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Steps to Personalize your LMS Security

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Security is crucial in an LMS to safeguard sensitive data, protect user privacy, and prevent unauthorized access, ensuring a safe and reliable learning environment. This article guides you on personalizing password policies, managing concurrent logins, configuring session management, and setting up SSL.

Step 1:

To set your LMS security, open 'Security' in 'Global Settings'.


Step 2:

If you want to allow multiple users to log in select 'Yes', otherwise select 'No'.

Concurrent login: Concurrent login allows multiple users to access a system using the same account simultaneously and is essential for both user convenience and security management.


Step 3:

Set a time limit in minutes to prevent learners from being inactive for an extended period.


Step 4:

LMS customers are required to set up SSL redirection to effectively use the new certificate. So, if you want to enable Force SSL, click 'Yes'; otherwise, click 'No' and 'Save' your changes.

Using security measures not only protects your LMS but also fosters an environment where learners can thrive with confidence.
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