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How to Setup your LMS Online Shop

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An online shop lets you set your address, customize shipping rates, and more. This article will guide you in using our LMS platform's online store, where you can easily find various items organized neatly.

Step 1:

Log in to the platform and click on 'Global Settings'. Open 'Online Shop' to customize.

Step 2:

To configure the 'General' settings, click on the 'Edit' option found below.

Step 3:

Enter your company's general information, including name, address, contact number, etc., and click 'Save' to confirm the changes.


Step 4:

To edit the 'Pickup' details, click on the 'Edit' icon and provide the necessary information.

Step 5:

Choose the Shipping Rate between 'Flat rate' and 'Charge per product'. If Flat Rate is selected, use the 'Edit' option to set the shipping rate.

Step 6:

Discount Coupons - Toggle the switch on if you want to create discount coupons or offer special promotional sales.
Product Categories - Toggle the switch on if you want to organize and categorize your products.
Your online shop is all set to use.
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