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How to Enable Point & Pay Payment Gateway

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Point & Pay Payment Gateway is a secure online payment solution that enables businesses to accept payments from customers electronically. This guide takes you through each step, offering clear instructions and explanations to ensure a smooth setup process.

Step 1:

To enable the 'Point & Pay' Payment Gateway, start by activating the extension. 
Access your UTP account, click 'Global Settings', and select 'Extensions'.


Step 2: 

Scroll down to locate 'Point & Pay', toggle the button to enable it, and click 'Save' to confirm the changes.


Step 3:

Next, navigate to 'E-commerce' in Global Settings. Enter the Product ID, Partner ID, and other required information.
Specify the Transaction fee for 'Credit Card' payments and 'eChecks'. Finally, click 'Save Settings' to save the changes.


'Credit Card' payments: Card-based transactions.

'eChecks': ​Digital version of paper checks.


Step 4:

Proceed to 'Checkout' by navigating to the Cart.

Step 5:

After proceeding with the payment, you will see the 'Transaction fee' displayed. Enter the necessary details and click 'Make Payment'.
5.pngThe "Point & Pay Payment Gateway" is user-friendly as it simplifies the payment process for customers, allowing them to make payments easily and securely with minimal effort and complexity.  

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