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Integrating Elevio Helpdesk Extension

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This article will help you integrate the Elevio Helpdesk Extension with BrainCert. 

Elevio is a tool which enables you to bring all of your content and support right into our sidebar, your users will never have to leave your LMS again for help. This means bringing your knowledge base, support, chat and more, all to the one place. With elevio installed your users can get all the help they need without having to go looking for it, and you can serve support more streamlined than ever before.

Create amazing knowledge base articles for your users, or sync with Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout and User Voice. Users can create and manage their tickets, without leaving your site.

Step 1 :

Create a user profile from elevio

Step 2 :

From the user dashboard, click on the install button to install the assistant on your site.

Step 3 :

It takes to the installation setup menu, select the “Installation via Code Snippet” tab

Step 4:

From the installation code, copy the CID number as shown below

Step 5:

Login to your LMS site and go to "Account & Settings" from the drop down menu click on the "Extensions".

Step 6:

Scroll down and find integration. Paste the CID number you have copied from the installation code and move the slider to 'On' position. Finally, 'Save' your settings.

Testing Instructions:

You will now see the new "HELP" menu on the right side.

You can now create knowledge base articles and enable your modules and integrations at

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