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How to Create One-Time and Recurring Subscriptions in Shopping Cart for Courses

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This article guides you through the process of setting pricing for 'Courses' using one-time and recurring subscriptions in the shopping cart.

One-Time Subscription: Single payment and non-renewing access.

Recurring Subscription: Periodic payments and auto-renewing.

Step 1:

Navigate to 'Global Settings' and Open 'E-commerce'. Choose a payment gateway under 'Payment gateway settings' and click on the 'Save Settings' button. 

Note: PayPal, Stripe, and Paystack support both One-Time Purchase and Recurring Subscription while PayUmoney supports only One-Time Purchase.

Step 2:

To edit the shopping cart for a paid test, go to the 'Products', choose 'Courses' from the dropdown box, and open 'Manage Courses'. Now select the desired test. Click on the 'More' option and choose 'Shopping Cart' from the dropdown list.


Step 3:

To add a new price, click on 'Add Pricing Scheme' or click on the 'Edit' option to edit the existing price.


Step 4:

To edit the settings for a 'One-Time Purchase', enter the price details and specify the duration (in days or a lifetime). Click the 'Submit' button to save your modifications.


Step 5:

To modify a 'Recurring Subscription', enter the 'Price' details and select the subscription frequency (monthly/annual) from the dropdown menu. Now, click the 'Submit' button to save your changes.


Increase profits by implementing a versatile pricing strategy for courses, incorporating both single and recurring subscriptions within the shopping cart.
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