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Boost Learner Engagement and Focus with Synchronized Lecture and Video Timers

4 mins read
Here is a way to enhance the learning experience that reduces distractions and improves the learners' progress.

A new feature has been proposed that enables synchronizing the lecture timer with the video timer. Whenever the tab is switched, both timers will pause simultaneously, making the learners watch the entire video to complete the course. Let's begin!

Step 1:

Navigate to 'Manage Courses' under 'Courses'.

Step 2:

On the required course click on 'Options' and select 'Curriculum'.

Step 3:

Make sure to add the course video and then click on 'Lecture Completion Rule'.

Step 4:

Enable 'After a specific time period on this lecture page' and set the 'Time Limit' in seconds according to the length of the video. Finally, click on 'Save'.
Note: The 'Time Limit' and the 'Time Length of the video' should be the same.
Enabling 'Auto-pause video' will pause the video when the learner switches the tab.
When the tab is switched, the 'timer' pauses and it shows the time left to complete the course. So, the learner should resume the video to complete the course.

download (1).png

After the learner watches the full video, the display shows 'the course is completed' and the timer turns into 'Learned'.

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