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Enhancing Compliance and Learning Outcomes in LMS with Auto-Pause Video

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With switching tabs constantly, learners may quickly lose focus on the video. 

To deal with it, an 'auto-pause video' feature is introduced, that stops the video playback when learners switch to a different tab. The learners must resume and watch the entire video to complete the course. Here we go!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Step 1:

Navigate to 'Products' and select 'Courses'. Now, open 'Manage Courses' from the dropdown menu.

Step 2:

In the required course, click 'Options,' and then select 'Curriculum'.2.png

Step 3:

Make sure to add the course video and then click on 'Lecture Completion Rule'.

Step 4:

Enable 'Auto-pause video when changing tab' and click on 'Save'.

Step 5:

The video stops playing when the tab is switched. Remember to 'Resume' the video to continue with the course video.

Step 6:

Next, to enable the sound, click on 'View sight information' and select 'Site settings'

Step 7:

Click on the dropdown box parallel to 'Sound' and choose 'Allow'
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