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SCORM Cloud Learning Record Store (LRS) Integration to Send xAPI (Experience API or Tin Can API) Statements

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In this article, we explore the integration of your BrainCert LMS tenant with SCORM Cloud's Learning Record Store (LRS) to track and manage learning data. This integration empowers organizations to centralize their learning data, gain valuable insights into learner performance, and improve the overall learning experience.

The LRS is a data storage system designed to collect, store, and manage learning experience data generated by learners engaging with online content. xAPI, also known as Experience API or Tin Can API, is a standard specification for tracking and analyzing learning experiences across various platforms and devices.

In addition to showcasing all LMS activities in a comprehensive audit trail, BrainCert provides a seamless integration with external Learning Record Stores (LRS), enabling the automatic transmission of your recorded learning data without any modifications. This streamlined connectivity ensures a centralized repository for learning data, allowing organizations to efficiently track, analyze, and optimize their learning experiences.

Step 1:

Create an account and log in to the SCORM cloud.

Step 2:

Create a new application "Test" and save it.

Step 3:

On the list of applications, Click on Details

Step 4:

Here, copy the generated API ID and Secret Key.

Step 5:

Login to the BrainCert platform with credentials and navigate to Extension under Global Settings.

Step 6:

Enable the xAPI Learning Record Store (LRS). Copy the generated xAPI Endpoint, xAPI key, and Secret Key from SCORM Cloud and click 'Save' to continue.


Step 7:

In SCORM Cloud, navigate to xAPI LRS, where you can see the signed-in actions. 

Step 8:

In the BrainCert platform, sign-in actions can be seen under the Activity Stream in the Dashboard area.

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