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Using keyboards shortcuts to manage contents on the whiteboard

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This article will guide you through the steps to manage content in whiteboard using keyboard shortcuts in the Virtual Classroom.

Cut, Copy and Paste Keyboard Shortcuts

Step 1:

Click on a object on the whiteboard and use “Ctlr + C” to copy or “Ctlr + X” to cut the object.

Step 2:

Use keyboard shortcut “Ctlr + V” to paste the object

Undo and Redo Keyboard Shortcuts

Step 3:

Use “Ctlr + Z” to undo the last action.

Bold and Italic Text Keyboard Shortcuts

Step 4:

Use “Ctlr + A” to select all the text, use “Ctlr + B” to make the text bold, and use “Ctlr + I” to make the text Italic.

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