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Bulk import test questions from a CSV file

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Instead of adding test questions manually, you can choose to directly import question banks from CSV files with just a click of a button. Creating CSV format files and importing questions from them is useful if you have to add a large number of questions to your tests.

Step 1:
Navigate to the test options and click on "Questions" under More.

Step 2:

From the Questions view, select the “Import questions from CSV file” button from the top right. 

Step 3:
Click on the "Download Sample" link to download the example CSV file, locate the link "instruction for CSV" on the right, and click on it. 

The instructions have numbers for question types and actual IDs for question objectives. Use this information in the CSV file.

Understanding CSV file columns

Open the sample CSV file in Microsoft Excel or other supported editors. CSV stands for Comma Separated Value, using which you can create questions using plain text.


Here’s the generic syntax of the CSV columns from the sample file explained:


Import CSV file
Click on the "Browser CSV file" button and select the file with your question set.

The questions in the file are parsed and imported into your test. You'll see the status of the import with the "Success" and "Failed" status


After the questions are imported, follow Test Delivery Settings - Randomization, and Number of Questions to setup other options.

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