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How to Enable TAWK Extension

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This article will guide you through the steps to enable the TAWK extension, a chat feature that lets you chat with the visitors on your website, respond to support tickets, and create a help center on the BrainCert Unified Training Platform.

Step 1:

Create a free account with After you create an account, navigate to the dashboard and select 'AI Assist' on the bottom left.

Step 2:

Copy the 'Property ID' from the 'Overview" tab to a clipboard.

Step 3:

Similarly, from the 'Chat Widget' module copy the last 9 characters from the 'Direct Chat Link' to a clipboard.

Step 4:

Login to your BrainCert admin account and navigate to 'Extensions' in 'Global Settings'.

Step 5:

Paste the Property ID & the 9-character Widget ID you previously copied from TWAK in the respective fields. Enable the extension using the toggle and click 'Save'.

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