Here's a summary of the technical requirements for using BrainCert's web-based HTML5 virtual classroom

For the best BrainCert experience, leverage the following specs listed below. There are no software downloads or installations necessary to use the virtual classroom.

System Requirements

Browser Specific Features Supported

Network Ports

Connections made to BrainCert WebRTC cloud across all global regions use the following TCP and UDP ports. If the UDP port is blocked then calls will connect over TLS instead of the more efficient UDP protocol. It can lead to quality issues with video, audio, and content sharing. It is important that firewall ports are opened to BrainCert servers. We have implemented technology to work if you are behind strict corporate firewalls and NAT environments. If you can't get the audio/video working inside virtual classroom, then most likely our IP is blocked by your firewall. For specific IP ranges of BrainCert's global Virtual Classroom servers, contact support.

System Test Tool

Virtual Classroom uses WebRTC technology for real-time audio and video conferencing. Use the following links to test your browser.

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