This article will walk through the test delivery settings - Randomization and Number of Questions to be viewed

Test delivery settings control whether or not the test questions and answer choices can be randomized. Now that you have created the test questions, the final step is to set up test delivery.

Step 1:

From your test options, select "Questions" as shown below:

Step 2:

Click the "Test Delivery Settings" button to bring up the delivery options popup.

Step 3:

Enter how many questions you would like to randomly show to test takers. By default, it shows all the questions you have published. For example, this feature is extremely useful when you may have a set of 200 test questions, and you want to show only 50 questions to be randomly from the questions pool to candidates when taking the test.

By default, the system randomizes the questions and answer choices. Select 'No' to turn off that feature.

Randomize questions order during test → The question order will also be randomized ensuring that two students won't be shown the exact same questions.

Randomize answer choices during test → This feature ensures the answer choice order will be randomized ensuring that two students answering a particular question will see the answer selections in a different order.

You'll see two advanced features that are designed to pull questions evenly from all objectives and/or based on the questions' difficulty level.

Even distribution of questions from each objective → This feature pulls the questions evenly from all the test objectives ensuring that all objectives are given the same priority.

Even distribution of questions based on difficulty level → This feature pulls the questions evenly based on the difficult level percentage configured. Make sure the total percentage distribution equals to 100%.

Now you will be able to Randomize and Number of Questions to be Viewed.
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