Q: How can I cancel my subscription ?

A: You can send your cancellation request to support@braincert.com or by creating a ticket via the help desk . The request need to be sent before the next subscription plan renewal date. Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription under account settings.

Q: How will I know that my account has been canceled?

A: Once our cancellation department has processed the request, you will be notified via the method you chose to contact us.

Q: How can I cancel my account under account settings?

A: If you go to your account on the top right click on** Membership Dashboard -> Plan** Details . Then choose the plan you want to cancel on the left.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: Braincert has a no refund policy.Our refund policy is governed by section 6.3 of our "Terms of Use" here: https://www.braincert.com/legal/terms-of-use

Q: I never used BrainCert and hence asking for an refund?

A: We would love for you to try us and if there is any reason you have not used it let us know why and we will be glad to help. However Braincert has a no refund policy so we would not be able to refund for the non-usage.

Q. What if I sent my request and no one got back to me and I was charged?

A. We do get to all the requests promptly. However there are times especially now due to COVID our support volume has increased tremendously. If we do miss your request please resend it. We will honor the request as per the date of the initial correspondence and refund you if you were charged.

Q: I deleted my account but I was still charged?

A: If you did just deleted the account that does not revoke the subscription. The subscription is done using a third party payment processor STRIPE and we do need you to write to us or create a ticket so we can get that subscription canceled.

Q: If I cancel my subscription, can I come back and use the same user id?

A: Yes, unless you delete your account, you id will remain the same in the system and you can come back to use the same id. We can also re-activate your deleted account upon request.

Q: After the cancellation of my subscription what happens to my data?

A: Data will be kept securely for up to one year. No data will be lost when you re-activate your subscription within a year.

Q: After the cancellation of my subscription I came back and would like to have the same subscription price as before. Is that possible?

A: No, our subscription plans change time to time with different features and functionalities. So, when you come back you will need to take a look at the current platform plans and pricing at that time and choose what works for you.

Q: Is there a time limit after my cancellation that I need to wait to sign-up again?

A: You are welcome to come back to us at any time. We do realize that priorities keep changing so feel free to join us back whenever your need arises

Q: Is there a way I can know what I missed since I was last part of BrainCert?

A:We encourage you to keep taking a look at our blogs and Change Logs to see all the features we have incorporated in the time you were not with us..
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