This article walks you through the steps of using the integrated content library for Virtual Classroom to upload documents and video files.

Step 1:

After uploading your docs, audio, and video files into your ‘Content Library’ - Once in the session click on the ‘document tool’ option to see a window pop-up with multiple options to load content into the classroom. Go for the first option ‘choose from your library’

Step 2:

Once you click on ‘choose from your library’, it would give instantaneous access to all your pre-uploaded content - You can either choose the one listed or try using the filter option to find and upload the relevant file.

Step 3:

Do note that the uploaded file would take the shape of a new whiteboard tab as seen below

Step 4:

To play video content into the classroom - Click on the ‘video reel’ option to access the media player feature

Step 5:

1a) Clicking on the ‘Play from Library’ option lists the different pre-uploaded audio/video content and allows you to play one from them as seen below

1b) Pre-uploaded video being played in the media player where you can control video playback for your learners

2a) We also offer the capability to play videos from ‘Youtube’ and ‘Vimeo’ directly inside the classroom - Just copy a youtube video link and paste it in the video link bar to seamless play it within the session

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