Using Teacher Accounts

After creating your teacher accounts, login to your BrainCert account with the same email address where you have received the teacher invitation.

Now that you have received the invitation to sign up for a Teacher Account by the primary account holder, you can carry out some of the common activities such as creating questions for the test, schedule and launch a live class, upload tutorials, publish a course and so on.

Follow these steps to manage courses of a primary account holder:

Step 1:

Login to BrainCert, and click on the Teach menu item and choose the appropriate menu item to manage

Step 2 :

You will see 'Teacher Access' menu item. By default, the menu will show your name. Click on the dropdown menu on the right and select the primary account holders name to manage the courses.

Step 3:

Repeat the same process to create and manage tests, contents and live classes.

Setting live class instructor

When scheduling a live class, click on the 'Change' link under "Class Instructor" to set your name as the class instructor if required.

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