This article walks you through the process of setting prerequisites for a course using learning path.

Step 1:

Login to the eLearning Platform with your account credentials.

Step 2:

Create your online course. Check this article that shows you step by step procedure on how to create an online course.

Step 3:

Go to Manage Courses and click “Add Rules” which you can find under more options corresponding to your course as shown below

Step 4 :

Now you will be taken to another page where you can add your own rules for completing the course.

Step 5:

You can create your learning path by adding sequential course materials. Click on add courses and add relevant courses which you would like to add as a prerequisite course.

Step 6:

In this example students are requested to take SEO and Social Media courses before they take Digital Marketing course.

Setting up specific rules

Traversal rule

Here you can set a rule to force a user to complete the lecture before moving onto the next in sequence or you can select a default option as “none”

Course Completion rule

Here you can set rule to allow user to complete 100% of all lectures or atleast 50% or 75% of lectures of download certificate

Test Completion rule

Here you can set rule to allow user to pass 100% of all the tests in the course or atleast 50% or 75% of the tests to download certificate.

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