This article will guide you through the steps to set enrollment limit for your courses on BrainCert. Note that you can set enrollment limit for both new courses and courses that are already published.

Setting enrollment limit for new courses

Step 1

Login to the training platform and navigate to 'Create a Course' under 'Courses'

Step 2

Enter basic information like course title, subtitle, set instructional level, course category, about course, and about instructor and click 'Next'.

Step 3

Under 'Advanced Settings' set the enrollment limit to 'Limited' using the dropdown and specify the enrollment limit. In this example, we have set the limit as 10. Click 'Next' to publish the course.

Setting Enrollment Limit for Published courses

Step 4

Login to the training platform and navigate to 'Courses' where you can see the list of published courses. Select 'More' corresponding to the course to which you need to set enrollment limit and select 'Edit'. In the following example, we have selected the course 'Basics of Content Marketing.

Step 5

Once you select 'Edit' you can now edit the published course. Navigate to advanced settings and set enrollment limit as said in Step 3.

Step 5

Once your course has been reviewed by our internal team and is made live, this how it will appear to your learners.

Once the set enrollment limit is reached, this is how it will appear to your learners.

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