This article will help you manage billing and subscriptions in the eLearning platform.

Step 1:

Login to your eLearning Platform and Click on your Profile Picture. Select Billing to manage your billing.

Step 2

Click Preview to view the monthly invoice and click on Add Billing Details to update your billing details.

Step 3:

Update your company details and click Save.

Credit Card

Step 4:

Click on Change Credit Card to manage your credit card details.

Step 5:

Update the Credit Card details and click Change Card.

Manage Subscriptions

Step 6:

Click on your Profile Picture and choose Subscription to manage your subscriptions.

Step 7:

Use dropdown to select plan details and click Change Plan to upgrade/ downgrade your plan.

Cancel Plan

Step 8:

Click Cancel Plan and confirm to downgrade your service to a free account.

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