Hiding or unhiding learners count for courses

You can easily hide or unhide learners count for courses by following the below steps.

Step 1:

Login to your eLearning platform with your account credentials.

Step 2:

While creating your course, you will find an option as shown below in the basic information section, to enable or disable the learners count.

Step 3 :

If yes is selected, learners count will be shown in the course marketplace page as shown below

Also the number of users taking a particular course will be displayed in the course landing page.

Step 4 :

If No is selected learners count and the number of users taking the course will not be displayed.

If you have already created a course and you wish to change the settings of that particular course, just edit your course as shown below and change the settings accordingly.

Once you click on Edit, you can access the course setting page where you can click on the required settings which you wish to alter. Save the settings once you are done making the changes.

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