Letting your potential students have a free preview of your paid course lecture is an effective marketing strategy. The advantage of free previews is that you also get to target those learners who are indecisive as to whether this course is for them or not. With these free previews you can also get them to commit and you will have some new loyal lifelong learners!

BrainCert lets instructors enable a free preview of the uploaded free courses. Here is how you can enable/disable free preview of courses.

Step 1:

Login to your eLearning platform with your account credentials

Step 2:

After creating a course, you will be able to add the course materials for your paid course using the “Options” icon.

Course Options

Step 3:

While adding the course lectures, you can see an option to enable or disable “Free Preview” exactly near the lecture title.

Course Preview

Step 4:

If “Free Preview” is enabled, the course lecture will be displayed as follows.

Free Preview

Step 5:

If “Free Preview” is disabled, the course lecture will be displayed as follows. A "Private” symbol will be displayed next to the lectures name.


Hope this article helps you understand the procedure for enabling/disabling free preview of courses.
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