Creating Teacher Accounts in Elearning Platform

Teacher Accounts in the E-Learning Platform is designed to share your premium account among multiple teachers so everyone under your account can manage the contents. "Teacher Accounts" is a cost-effective and powerful feature that allows you to have multiple teachers under your account to teach and collaborate online. You can restrict teacher access using "read-only" and "full access" permissions to manage your courses, tests, contents, and live classes created using virtual classroom.

Teachers can teach on your behalf such as creating questions for your test, schedule and launch a live class, upload tutorials, publish a course and so on.

Follow these steps to create Teacher Accounts:

Step 1 :

Go to Membership Dashboard

Step 2 :

Click on "Teacher Management" tab

Step 3:

Click on "Add New Teacher" button

Step 4 :

Type the email address of the teacher, and assign an appropriate role such as "Administrator" or "Read Only" to manage your tests, contents, courses, and virtual classroom. Click on Invite user button to finish the enrollment process. The system sends out notification email to the teacher.

Step 5:

You can Edit or Delete the teacher account anytime.

Step 6:

Teachers without a BrainCert user account will be in pending status, and it will change to complete status when the user creates a BrainCert user account. New teachers will be automatically added under your account upon account creation.

Troubleshooting tips

Invited teachers cannot see my content

Make sure teacher has created a user account with BrainCert using the same e-mail address where you have sent the invitation. The email address must match.

It shows the teacher account as 'Free' instead of 'Paid' plan

When you invite teachers to collaborate under your account, their users accounts will not get upgraded. The idea is to have the teacher to do their work under your account such as creating a course, scheduling and launching a live class or uploading a content.
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