In this tutorial, we will show you how to create an online test in eLearning Platform

In the Instructor menu, click on Create a Test menu item or you can create a test directly on the dashboard of the eLearning platform.

Step 1 : Select a test type

This brings up Create Test wizard as shown below. Choose Public or Private.

Public tests are listed in the allowing anyone with a BrainCert user account to enrol in your test. This is best for selling both Free and Paid courses.

Private tests are NOT listed in the This is best suitable for sharing the test with your private training group or employees. Once you have created a private course, you can see 'Enrollment' options available in dashboard to enroll selected users and groups privately and securely.

Step 2: Now enter basic information

Type description for your test in the description field

Upload a relevant image for this test or you can pick an image from BrainCert Library.

Step 3 : Advanced settings

Allow viewing answers during the test- Allow or deny test taker from viewing answers when the test is in progress. When you select 'Yes', the scoring algorithm cannot be changed, and 'Standard Scoring' is selected by default.

Click 'No' to enable scoring algorithm options as shown below:

Allow user to resume test session- Resume this test when a student exists a test either intentionally or unintentionally before finishing the tests.

Allow user to ‘Pause’ the test - Allow the students can Pause and Resume the tests at any time.

Show Result to Candidate - If you want to show the result to the candidate choose 'Yes”. Usually, the results should not be shown to the candidate for Pre-hire testing

Result page message - You can enter the message to be shown after test completion.

Lockdown Functionality- If set to Yes, users will not be able to take a print screen and perform cut/copy operations

Time Based- This option allows you to turn the timer ON/OFF.

Allotted Time - Students need to finish the test before the time specified here.

Allow or deny users to review the questions and answers after finishing the test

Passing Score- Set the passing score for your test. For example, 60, 70, 80 etc.,

Test Keywords- Add keyword tags to allow users to find your test easily.

Step 4: Payment settings

Select Free or Paid to deliver your tests online.

When you select "Paid", you will be asked to set your preferred currency of choice to receive payment. You will be able to create pricing plans, shopping cart and discount coupons after creating your test.

Finally, click the 'Save' option under STEP 4 to save your test.

Now, you can manage all your tests in page.
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