Creating a meeting room

Creating a meeting room takes only a few clicks. You can create fully personalized room with custom branding. The number of rooms you can create is based on the subscription plan you are subscribed to

Step 1 :

Go to and click create room

Step 2 :

Upload your own logo (Recommended size – 60*55 pixels) and favicon (16 * 16 pixels)

Step 3 :

Upload your personal background image either standard or custom. Your personal background is an image that attendees will see starting the meeting.

Image Dimensions - 1920*1080 pixels
Image Type -“.jpg”,“.gif”, “.png”
File size – Maximum 8 MB (megabytes)
Step 4 : Enter presenter name and upload presenter avatar

Step 5 :

Choose the datacenter region. For the best performance choose the region which is closer to you. All your sessions will be maintained in this region regardless of attendees’ location

Step 6 :

Create a customized link with attendees for a quick and easy way to join meeting

Step 7 :

You can either create an open room type or password protected room type and click save
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