Adding live classes to the course in Elearning Platform

You can add live classes to your course with a click of a button.

This can be done in two methods

Method 1 :

Using course options:

Step 1 : Once you created your course go to manage courses click a drop down under options, and then select "Add live class" as shown below

Step 2 : After you click "Add live class" you will now land into another page where you can see list of all your live classes, select the required live class and click "add to course"

Now live class will be added to your course

Method 2 :

Using Live class options

Step 1 : Once you have scheduled your live class, go to "manage live class" where you will see list of your live classes.

Now select the required live class and click on the drop-down near More as shown below

Step 2: Once you click "add to course" you will get all your course lists. Enable the check box near the required course for which you need to add the live class and click save

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