This article walks you through the steps of creating HTML5 contents from and integrating it in your course.

Step 1 : Login to

Step 2 : Click on Add Content

Step 3 : You can customize your Video/Images/GIFs etc., to create HTML5 Packages

Step 4 : For Example - Creating a Interactive Video

Creating fill in the blanks question and click on save

Step 5 : Click on Publish

Step 6 : Publish the content in public and copy the Embedded URL

Step 7 : Now, login to your BrainCert LMS and click on upload HTML contents

Step 8 : Enter the Title and paste in HTML Embedded code in the HTML content box and click on save

Step 9 : Follow the below-given steps to add HTML5 content in course lectures.

Step 10 : Navigate to course page and click "Add course materials" under course options,

Step 11 : Once the Chapter and the Lecture are added, click on Add content under the gear option in the Lecture and select the HTML5 content to be added to the course and click on ADD.

You are now done adding the content for the course.
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