When a course, test or live class has been assigned to a user on BrainCert they will get an email notification to their registered email id. Apart from email notifications, learners can also check what is being assigned to them from the learner dashboard. Here is how you do it.

Step 1

Login to the training platform with your credentials and navigate to the Student Dashboard.

1. Badges & Points

On the top of the dashboard you can view the number of badges and points you have won. Adjacent to this, you can also see the complete list of badges.

2. Overview of assignments

You can get an overview of the number of courses, tests, and live classes that has been assigned to you from the highlighted section on the dashboard.

3. Reports

From the highlighted section (Refer the following screenshot) you can access your course and test reports. What you now see on the screenshot is the Course reports. For Test report click on Test.

4. Certificates

You can view and download certificates for the courses and tests you completed from the section highlighted in the following screenshot. To download a certificate click on the download* button.

5. Course Progress

To get an overview of course progress, navigate to the section on the bottom left. You can toggle between Pending, In Progress, and Completed. You will have access to complete information including enrollment date, completion date, etc.

6. Course Bundles

To view the list of course bundles assigned to you, navigate to the bottom right side of the dashboard.

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