There is an option to notify students when there are feedbacks posted in an open-ended question on a graded test by instructor and also an easy-way for instructor to find those comments.

Step 1 :

As an instructor, go to test reports and click on the 'Grade' button to open the questions review page.

Step 2:

In the questions review page, click on "Questions feedback" option to filter only open-ended questions that has a feedback written by the instructor.

Step 3 :

Furthermore, instructor can setup notification feature to notify students when instructor adds question feedback for open-ended questions.

To setup student notification e-mail template, click on "Test Notification Settings" link in the test options gear icon.

Step 4 :

Now, click on the "Student E-mail Notifications" second tab and enable the template high-lighted below:

The e-mail template can be customized with variables and custom text.

Similarly, you may also setup other email notifications and trigger an e-mail based on an event.
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