As a student in the E-Learning Platform, you can access your purchase receipt under "My Orders", where you can quickly access receipts for the courses, tests and live classes (virtual classrooms) you've bought, and review your purchase history, status and instructor contact options.

Where can I access a copy of my purchase receipt?

In addition to the order details you’re emailed when you purchase a BrainCert course, you can also access copies of your receipts in your My Orders page. Once you've logged into your account at, then please follow the steps below to get a copy of your receipt.

Step 1 :

Click on your My Orders link under the Student menu at the left navigation of the page. It can also be accessed using the direct link

Step 2 :

You will see three tabs with specific details about your course, test and live class purchase

Step 3 :

Click on Details under options to see the quick preview of the purchase including instructor contact details

Step 4 :

Click on Receipt under options to open the receipt page for printing. The receipt includes the invoice date, instructor name, and the title of the item you purchased. The receipt do not include reference to VAT / GST.
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